NEAT Takes a Field Trip!

It's been a while since NEAT has taken a field trip. If you recall, last time, we went to Berkeley and met our boyfriend. This time, we journied about a mile a way to meet our BIGGEST CRUSH (sorry B.R.E.T.T!) By the look on Molly's face in the photo, you would think that the NEAT team was meeting Ryan Gosling – but no, we were meeting someone much better…

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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Method office! When we walked into the lobby, we were greeted by these awesome Method hand soaps by Orla Kiely and we were not ashamed at all to take pictures because after all, who is more obsessed with cleanliness and organization than we are?? To say that meeting the Method team was a dream come true would really be an understatement and summing up the visit is going to be next to impossible but here goes nothing! (NERD ALERT!) 

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We learned that Method is not just a company that aims to keep people clean, they like to have a great time and it is obvious by the culture of the office. One of our personal favorite areas was the fully astroturfed room that is dedicated to ping pong tournaments. AND they have their own science lab in the office which made us feel like we were part of the latest Bill Nye episode.  

Method Cleaning Supplies, NEAT Method, ping pong, Science, Lab, science lab

We almost cried tears of joy when we saw this rainbow assortment of hand soap. I know it sounds crazy but seriously, if you haven't tried their products before you are missing out. Not only are the scents of the products the best out there, but the design of their products makes you not embarrased to keep them out on the counter. (We swear we weren't paid to write this)

method cleaning supplies, Method, Method Soap, Colorful Soap, Pretty Soap

If we weren't over stimulated already, the last area of the office certainly put us over the edge. We HAD to share our very favorite part of the office. We apologize that the photo is a little blurry – I think at this point we were literally jumping up and down like school girls. They have a permanent Tiki bar for the impromptu happy hour. I mean seriously – does life get any better!? This little bit of information alone should give you a new respect for Method.   

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After smelling EVERY PRODUCT we wanted to share with you some of our personal favorite scents:

Heather: Pink Grapefruit, Basil, & Fresh Air 

Molly: Lime and Sea Salt, Vanilla Chai, & Green Tea and Aloe


Molly Graves, Molly Heffinger, Heather Byrne, Heather Gilligan, Neat Method, Method, Method Cleaning Supplies, Start up, San Francisco, San Francisco office, Start up office

We hope you had as much fun on our field trip as we did!


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