Prepping Your Home for an Organized Move

Thursday, June 18, 2020

While we consider our specialty home organization, we also offer moving and relocation services in partnership with local moving companies. We've made it our job to ensure that what is typically a stressful time, is smooth and effortless. Now we're sharing how you can do just that by prepping your home on both ends. 

Prepping at Your Old Home

There's nothing worse than packing something carefully, and hauling it to your new home, only to decide to donate it. It's bound to happen, but best to avoid. Before you pack a space, pull everything out and categorize first (this will help you visualize what you have). Set aside items for donation that you haven't used in the last year or that are unnecessary duplicates, and toss anything broken or worn. 

Pack and label your boxes according to where you want them in your new home. If you're gaining a playroom, pack toys up separately from the rest of your child's bedroom and label the box "Playroom". Apply this to anything that is being relocated to a different area of your new home. Make sure your labels are easy to read and located in the same spot on every box so figuring out where each one belongs is simple. 

In addition to an overnight bag for each family member, make sure you set aside necessities in a box that you pack in your car for the first night. Toilet paper, paper plates and sleeping bags might make the list. 

Prepping at Your New Home

Before the moving truck is unloaded, take thirty minutes to prep your new home to make it easy for furniture and boxes to be placed in the correct room. Post signs outside each room or space to match the labels on your boxes. Take it to the next level and label walls and floors with painters tape where large pieces of furniture should be placed. 

Full service movers will cover high traffic areas of floor and pad narrow doorways. If you didn't arrange for this service, consider doing it yourself to protect your new home from any damage.

Set up one bathroom with toilet paper, soap, a hand towel and garbage can, for anyone helping on moving day. It's always a good idea to grab a box of donuts or pizza for your family and the crew to keep everyone in good spirits!

If you're in the middle of a move and feeling overwhelmed, let us take the logistics off your hands. We'll get you unpacked and organized in your dream home so you can get settled right away. 

Happy Moving!


The NEAT Team

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