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Thursday, February 17, 2022

We get it, organizing can be overwhelming. If tackling your entire home at once sounds like too much, we suggest taking small steps that will make a big difference over time. Here’s what you “NEAT to Know” to…

Organize your linens in 5 steps!

Step One | Pull everything out.
Empty your linen closet, or wherever it is they belong. If you have linens located in more than one space in your home, gather those as well.

Step Two | Set aside "well loved" items.
Stained, torn or otherwise damaged pieces should be set aside. From that pile, cut and relocate anything that can be used as a rag and toss the rest. 

Step Three | Categorize by type or room. 
Sort everything by type or room, depending on where it will be stored. Incomplete sets or items you are no longer using should be donated. 

Step Four | Fold.
Fold each item based on the depth of the shelf it will be placed on or the bin or basket it will be stored in. 

Step Five | Stack strategically.
Once everything is folded, place each category in a labeled basket or in short stacks with the fold facing out. This looks cleaner and makes it easy to determine where one item ends and another begins. 



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