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Thursday, April 23, 2020

We get it, organizing can be overwhelming. If tackling your entire home at once sounds like too much we suggest taking small steps that will make a big difference over time. Here’s what you “NEAT to Know”, from Corrin McCoy in New York City.

Here are 5 functional ways to organize your nightstand!

Whether you’re in the market for new bedside storage or just wondering how to organize your current nightstands, we can help. We love nightstands that provide storage - but what should we put in it and how do we stop it from becoming a catchall? 

Start with the top drawer.
Designate your top drawer for all things bedtime! Divide this drawer up with your favorite drawer organizer and give homes to your chapstick, hand cream, hair ties, and current reads!

Add organizers as necessary.
If you’re in a small space, consider making the rest of the drawers an extension of your dresser. Use dividers and make homes for accessories like scarves, sunglasses, belts, or jewelry. If you’re really hurting for space, you could do pajamas or undergarments.

Consider seasonal categories.
Create seasonal drawers. In the cold months, utilize the drawers for winter accessories like gloves and hats. In the summer months have them beach ready with swimwear and cover ups. We suggest a drawer or basket, either in the closet or in a dresser.

Allocate a kids drawer.
New mom or have small kids? Allocate a drawer as a diaper changing or nursing station or create a home for the toys and books that accumulate in your room.

Clear the surface.
Take a look at what’s accumulating on the surface of your current bedside situation. Perhaps those items should live there. As long as you’re intentional with what goes in the drawers, they can be a home for anything! 

It’s often the last place you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up. Save the surface for simple decor and things that make you happy!

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