NEAT's Crush:: Erin Vondra, Imperfect Polish

Friday, October 26, 2012

We are so honored to share with you some secrets about one of our favorite Chicago bloggers today! Introducing, the beautiful and talented Mrs. Erin Vondra!

Erin writes about all things she loves in life (including fashion, beauty, travel, baby, and food) on her super cute blog Imperfect Polish. She is also a real estate broker, mother of a 7-month-old, wife of a successful small business owner, and recent new home owner (city to suburbs). Talk about busy!

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NM:: Erin, what is your most OCD tendency? Trust us… you are among friends!

EV:: I am most OCD when I travel, which is funny because I use the excuse of "daily housekeeping" to justify being kind of a slob. But before I can enjoy my time away from home, I HAVE to unpack right away. I could be visiting Buckingham Palace and would still need to put my toiletries in the shower, my clothes in the closet, and line my shoes up in a neat row before having drinks with Kate and Will.

NM:: Send us a picture of your most organized space – tell us what items you used to make it look this great and why you love it!

EV:: Clearly, my most organized space is my master closet and bathroom that was so beautifully put together by the NEAT girls. However, the space that I can claim as my own work is my kitchen closet. I worship this extra space for kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, baby supplies, oversized pots, and the genius hanging rod for aprons and table linens. Whoever designed the space (wish I could take credit) loved cooking and plenty of storage, just like me.

organized closet, erin vondra, imperfect polish, chicago, midwest, closet

NM:: What is your least organized space? Why do you hate it, and what went so terribly wrong?!

EV:: With moving, a major renovation, and a baby, there are plenty of spaces that need some serious NEAT help. There is the overcrowded garage filled with everything that will be going in our newly renovated basement (counting down the weeks).

erin vondra, imperfect polish, chicago, midwest, messy home, messy garage

And the bar area of our kitchen that should have some chic vintage barware and a silver tray, but instead has chargers, monitors, overcrowded paperwork, unopened mail…the list is endless. As soon as I find a spot for a home "base", I will be doing this space justice and using it for what it was intended to…specifically, cocktails!

erin vondra, imperfect polish, chicago, midwest, bar, bar area, bar ideas, wine cooler, wine storage, storage for wine

Erin, we think you are doing really great in the organizing department. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us!

To all of our readers – don't forget to check out her adorable blog, Imperfect Polish! You will be hooked – annnd if you are like us, most likely impulse buy the chic things she suggests.


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