NEAT's Crush:: Hillary Weidner (Kelly), Make Statements

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We could not be happier to introduce you all to another one of our not so secret crushes. The new Mrs. Hillary Weidner (Kelly) definitely makes the top of our list when it comes to favorite people and bloggers! This Cincinnati native is never seen without a stunning outfit on and now has an adorable blog called Make Statements, where she shares all of her fashion secrets. We hope you enjoy learning a little about this special lady…


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NM:: Hillary, what is your most OCD tendency? Trust us you are among friends!

HW:: I am probably most OCD about my car. I always keep it in tip top shape. When my cookie-loving husband left a stain on my consul from a choc chip frenzy he must have had, I freaked and got my whole car detailed.

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NW:: Send us a picture of your most organized space – tell us what items you used to make it look this great and why you love it!

HW:: My Girl’s Room. When I moved into our house, Jordan was already living there and he had already filled the closets with his suits and other clothing.  He was in for a rude awakening.  I immediately claimed the second bedroom as my “Girl’s Room” where I would put my clothes, accessories, and hair products.  Never living with a girl (and I never living with a boy – Dads don’t count), he was shocked by how much “stuff” comes along with a wife.  Here is the disaster that is “before”.

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After. The accessories tower that my bridesmaids gifted me was crucial in organizing my space. Since I couldn’t fit all of my clothing into the closet and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a new armoire, I opted for this hanging rack from the Container Store. I absolutely love it because it displays my clothes and reminds me what I have. Also, I saw on NEAT Method's blog that you can purchase clear shoes boxes so, again, you know what shoes you have to work with and they have been extremely instrumental in my organization! What is not pictured is the mini flat screen that I have to watch the news in the morning AND, which is more accurate, where I tune in to Real Housewives and other Bravo addictions. All that is missing is a wine fridge to organize my beverages and I am set.

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organized room, organized bedroom, hangers, hanging rod, rolling rack, modern clothes,



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NM:: What is your least organized space? Why do you hate it and what went so terribly wrong?!

HW:: I am beyond embarrassed about my least organized space.  So much so that I thought about not submitting this photo but once I do it will force me to organize the space. Hopefully I will have a great “after” shot for NEAT Method in a couple of weeks. 

Since our place is cozy, we don’t have a ton of room for our wedding gifts, my winter clothing, etc.  I immediately started putting everything in the basement and, as you can see from the picture, it has gotten out of control (is gotten a legit word?).  For those that know me, they will be SHOCKED to see that this is what our basement looks like but, you know, everyone has a space like this, right?  Please make me feel better.

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Hillary have no fear! Admitting the need for some organization is the first step. We look forward to seeing the finished product and let us know if you need any help or NEAT tips! Thank you for sharing your space with us today!

Now that you all are crushing on Hillary as much as we are, make sure to follow her on Make Statements, Facebook, and Pinterest!!


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