NEAT's Crush:: Jessi Sheehan, Evolve

We'd like to introduce you to our new series called NEAT's Crushes! We have quite the list of crushes (not that we fall in love easily), so get ready to learn how these gals live NEAT…or not so much!

Our first crush is Jessi Sheehan, Founder and Head Stylist of Evolve. Besides having an amazing sense of style, Jessi is also one of the sweetest ladies we have met since launching in Chicago. Thanks for the warm welcome to the Windy City!

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NM:: Jessi, what's your most OCD tendency? Trust us you are among friends!

JS:: My most OCD tendency, thank you Mom, is stacking things (mostly papers) into piles. When I am working on a project, getting mail, needing to go through a magazine, etc. I group like items into piles in the way in which I can work on them. It is my way of organized chaos. If all my papers were in a big pile I would forget about was in the middle or the bottom…you should see my desk. I am starting to come to terms with a filing cabinet.

I am also a very literal person. Things are either black or white, there is very little grey area. I am this way with my clothes especially. I must love what I walk out the door in, or it may as well be in the garbage. There is no in between. My mood is affected by my look each day. I can honestly say I have had a bad day because I so strongly disliked what I was wearing. The way we dress is an expression of who we are, it is another voice giving people clues about us. Dress with intention!

Jessi Sheehan, Evolve, chicago, blogger, chicago blogger, stylist, chicago stylist, clothes hanging, clothes hanger, valet rod, hanging rack, clothes rack

NM:: Send us a picture of your most ogranized space – tell us what items you used to make it look this great and why you love it!

JS:: My most organized space is my accessories. I found these amazing vintage glass boxes at Marshalls. I have to have all of my things out in the open or else I forget about them. As I quickly get dressed in the morning I can easily complete my look. Sometimes I pick the piece first and then style the look around that. The pieces are organized by color, sized smallest to largest, and of course like items are together (bracelets with bracelets, rings with rings, etc).

Jessi Sheehan, Evolve, chicago, blogger, chicago blogger, stylist, chicago stylist, bedroom, girl in big hat



Jessi Sheehan, Evolve, chicago, blogger, chicago blogger, stylist, chicago stylist, jewelry, organized jewelry, bracelets, bangles

NM:: What is your least organized space? Why do you hate it and what went so terribly wrong?!

JS:: My least organized space is honestly my closet. An outsider would think I was crazy with this statement, but I spend so much time in other's closets that mine often gets neglected. It is in great condition just not where I want it to be.

Jessi, we totally know how it is to neglect your personal space at times, we do too (shhh…don't tell anyone). Thanks for being our first featured crush! 

Now that all of you are just as obsessed with Jessi as we are, please make sure to follow her on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest :)!


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