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Friday, December 7, 2012

We are ELATED to introduce you to a total rockstar and OG (original girl or gangster if you will…) of NEAT.

Ashley and Molly met Anne when she first moved back to the left coast after her quick jaunt to NYC. Before getting a full-time gig, the NEAT team was lucky enough to have her as part of our team. We still convince her to join us on some of our weekend jobs because we love working with her so much! 

Anne is one of those girls that you meet and just want to be best friends with right away. Besides the fact that she is always dressed to the nines (Kate Spade should seriously hire her to be their spokeswoman) her sense of humor will have you cracking up for hours! Before we have a total love fest about Anne, we will get to the questions/answers so that you can adore her as much as we do!

Stanford University, California, Anne Marshall

NM: Give us the dirty (name, where you're from, other info…)

Anne: Name….Anne Marshall. I'm originally from Seattle and I loved it there, until heading to Scripps college in Southern California. After graduating, I moved to New York for two years to do the fashion thing, got it out of my system and moved back West to San Francisco! I'm now a buyer at Pottery Barn Kids and loving every bit of living in this city!

Anne Marshall, San Francisco, Cute girl

NM: What's your most OCD tendency?

Anne: Where to even begin…but really… I just love everything in it's place! Books, papers, everything really nicely stacked, spices and cans all in a straight line, clothes neatly arranged by color…totally normal stuff right!? Eek!

Ane Marshall, Floral skirt

NM: TOTALLY normal Anne, you are amongst friends when it comes to being a little OCD. On that note, if you had to choose, what is the most organized space in your home?

Anne: That would have to be my closet. The space saving hangers and clear shoe boxes (both NEAT Method must haves!) make all the difference in the world when it comes to making sure everything has a home.

Organized Closet, folded shirts,


Matching Hangers, Organized, Home,

Anne: There is also a perfect little nook for my dresser where I can tuck away all the clothes I don't want to see. The tray on top for my jewelry keeps it accessible (and therefore shop-able) and gives the space a personal, finishing touch!

Dresser, Shabby Chic, Organized home,

NM: That is a BIG closet for San Francisco standards!! Everything in your home could not possibly be that perfect. Fess up, what is your least organized space and why?

Anne: I can't keep the drawers in my bath "organizer" organized for the life of me! I swear I take all of the stuff out, sort it out and reorganize it every couple of weeks and yet it falls back into this state in no time! I've sort of come to terms with it being used as a hiding place instead…

Bathroom drawers, organized drawers, organized bathroom

If you cannot get enough of this babe (clearly we cannot!) feel free to stalk her on her blog. And if you don't believe us when we say she has an impecable sense of style, check her Pins STAT. Or if you are interested in killing an hour (or six) getting lost on the web, check out Anne's tweets of her latest finds!


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