NEAT's Favorite's of 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

With 2013 just 5 days away (eeeks), we found it necessary to be the sentimental type and flashback some of our 2012 highlights! (Because who really wants to remember the lowlights anyways??)

Soooo here we go… in no particular order, because they are all pretty NEAT accomplishments if you ask us! ::

–       NEAT was featured as VOGUE’s go-to organizers

–       NEAT DOUBLED its Corporate Team :: Recap here & here

–       UMMM and how about the fact that NEAT launched in CHICAGO – Hello Midwest!

–       NEAT is now sponsored by METHOD (the perfect match)

–       NEAT filmed a PILOT (fingers crossed someone picks it up)

–       NEAT now has amazing BRAND AMBASSADORS to help spread the word!

–       Baby BENNETT Riegel Murphy was born and Ashley became the hottest MOM we know

–       Heather Gilligan is now Heather BYRNE

–       NEAT reached over 1,000 LIKES on Facebook (saaaweet)

–       Most importantly, let’s not forget the countless amount of LOYAL CLIENTS we have gotten to know oh-so well 😉  We wouldn’t be anywhere without you all!


Cheers to a year in review!!


newborn, baby, NEAT Method


Organized bookshelf, books, kitchen, GAP event, NEAT Method


Method Cleaning Supplies, NEAT Method


7x7 Magazine, organized jewelry


Color run, Flava Flave, NEAT Method



Biergarten, San Francisco


Lo & Sons, NEAT Method


Mercury Method, NEAT Method, RPM Chicago, Bill Rancic


Wishing you all a NEAT New Year!!


the NEAT girls