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Thursday, September 16, 2021

So, you've organized your space. You've sorted everything into categories, tackled the hard editing decisions, and placed the rest neatly into bins, baskets and drawer organizers. Time to celebrate, right? Not just yet. Adding labels is the final step to any organizing project and will make your system so much easier to maintain - especially when it comes to getting other members of your household on board. Here are our tips for labels that will last. 

1. Visible

Labels should be visible enough that they won't be overlooked but not too loud that they ruin the aesthetic of the space. Our favorite balance of the two is a black label with white legible writing (opt for all caps because it is easier to read). Also, make sure to choose a label and text size that isn't too small but doesn't overpower the bin or basket. 


2. Consistent

Cohesive labels are part of what puts that finishing touch on every NEAT space. They should always be the same size, shape and color within the same space. This will help create cohesion, even if all of your bins and baskets don't match. 


3. Versatile

Our organizing needs are always changing so make sure you choose labels that are easy to alter. Adhesive labels that tear are a mess to remove. Go for labels that can be repositioned and won't leave residue. You'll also want to be thoughtful when choosing label terms. Don't be too specific. If you opt for "salty snacks" over "chips", you'll find that your system will work better over time as the items you store fluctuate. 


After years of testing countless labels, stickers, markers and holders, we designed a few products of our own to fill gaps in the market. We've included them in our list of favorite labeling products below.

-Label Holders - One of a kind label holder that can be attached to almost any bin or basket. Comes in black, brass, bone and gray. 

-Repositionable Labels - Move these labels around or remove them completely with no residue left behind. Shop Pantry, Closet & Mudroom, Spice or Blank label sets. 

-Paint Markers - All our favorite white markers for labeling. Choose chalkboard markers if you want to be able to wipe them clean with water. Use an alcohol pad for paint markers.  



Pantry Label Sets

Closets & Mudroom Label Sets

Spice Label Sets

Label Holder Sets




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