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It’s the final launch week of 2019 and we can’t believe what a year it’s been. This launch is slightly different because instead of starting brand new markets, each of the ladies you’re about to meet are taking over for a current owner who is transitioning to a different season in life and needed to hand the reigns over. We’re so excited for you to meet the new women joining the ranks!

Please help us welcome Coleen Carter taking over the Charlotte, North Carolina market.

NM :: Why do you want to run NEAT in your city?

CC :: I have admired the work that Neat Method has already done in Charlotte. The “NEAT way” is far ahead of any competitors in the city. Charlotte is the perfect environment to grow Neat Method.

NM :: What makes your city unique?

CC :: Charlotte has such a great mix of people from the North and the South. It’s home to Bank of America headquarters. A lot of New Yorkers transfer here for a better cost of living and a quieter life. We have grown leaps and bounds these past few years. Charlotte is now known for its great restaurants along with theatre arts.

NM :: How long have you lived in the city?

CC :: 8 years!

NM :: What did you do before NEAT?

CC :: I was a traffic reporter and productivity coach. Earlier in my career I worked in sales & marketing.

NM :: What are your favorite shopping spots around Charlotte?

CC :: Sloan Boutique, Foxcroft Wine Shop, Pasta & Provisions and of course The Container Store!

NM :: What about your favorite places to grab a bite to eat?

CC :: GoodFood, Peppervine, O-Ku, YAFO and Del Frisco’s.

NM :: What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT Charlotte?

CC :: Watching it grow into the Franchise I know it can be.

NM :: What can clients expect when they hire you to organize their home?

CC :: Knowledge, compassion, privacy, energy, and a beautiful sustainable finished space.

NM :: What is your most organized space in your home?

CC :: It’s my master closet and I can’t have it any other way. My closet is the first space I see each morning and I need to start the day off with a clean organized space.

NM :: What about your least organized?

CC :: I have a closet of shame – doesn’t everyone?? It is a space in my bonus room that I have stored all the items that I just can’t part with. My daughter even has signs on things so I will not throw it away.

NM :: Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

CC :: Trivia. I’m your gal on Trivia night. It’s my superpower!

Welcome to the NEAT family! We’re so excited to see how you spread #theNEATlife around Charlotte.

The NEAT Girls

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