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Friday, March 25, 2022

You may have "met" Tracey Kuennen when she launched NEAT Manhattan Beach in 2020. In her newest adventure, she's launching NEAT San Diego - East. Keep reading to catch up with her.

NM :: What has been your favorite part of life as a NEAT owner?

TK :: I truly enjoyed the Beach Cities + South Bay, and the relationships with our clients and team. It is where I launched my NEAT business and it will always be so special to me.

My favorite part of being a NEAT Owner is hard to narrow down, I am obsessed with what we do. The difference we make in people’s homes and therefore their daily lives is the most fulfilling. We get to know our clients, so the reveal tour of the “after” for them is exciting and meaningful.

The styling of products is a favorite as well!


NM :: We're thrilled for your NEAT transition. What brought you to San Diego?

TK :: Thank you! I am so grateful for being able to make this transition to the area, and to have the NEAT SD + OC team close.

I am from San Diego, I am the caregiver for my Dad with Alzheimer’s and the needs of care increased. My husband was recruited for a career move here, and the timing was God’s plan.


NM :: We feel pretty lucky that you are able to stay with NEAT. What excites you about organizing in San Diego - East?

TK :: It’s my hometown! Although I visited often, I have not lived in San Diego since I left for college almost 15 years ago. I am looking forward to the full circle of being able to bring my purpose and passion back to these areas. Organizing brings new life to your home and way of living, being able to do that for both familiar and new faces is exciting.


NM :: We completely agree. We'd ask what people can expect when they hire you, but why don't you just show us?

NM :: What did you love about organizing this space?

TK :: We love an all NEAT Pantry. This project was a move in that was months in the making, we did walk throughs during construction. I don’t take it for granted to be part of those processes. Plus, fun and kind clients with great design taste, gives us a beautiful canvas to work with!

NM :: Definitely! It's so exciting getting involved early in a project. Tell us more about this space.

TK :: I loved organizing this space because it was one of our first full home move-in's, for one of the most fun, sweet and dedicated clients. This client was definitely about the NEAT life!


NM :: So good. And this one?

TK :: This one just feels very Manhattan Beach! A small space organized with NEAT products + just enough creative storage to grab what you need and walk out to the beach.


That sounds like the life! Huge congratulations on launching San Diego - East. We’re so excited for you!


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