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Friday, February 3, 2023

We want to welcome Caitlin Nguyen of San Luis Obispo, California to the NEAT team. We are thrilled to have her. Let’s find out more about what makes her so NEAT.


NM : Why do you want to run NEAT in your city?

CN :  I’m excited for the opportunity to help clients in my community get their spaces organized. I hope in creating functional, beautiful and well-organized spaces, clients will feel more relaxed and at ease in their homes. In addition, I’ve always dreamed of owning a business and being able to create something that I am truly proud of.


NM : What did you do before NEAT?

CN : I was a consultant in the employee benefits field, helping human resources teams put together and manage insurance plans for their employees. I really enjoyed building relationships with my clients over the years and earning their trust as an advisor.


NM : What makes your city unique?

CN : San Luis Obispo is quite literally the best place to live. It’s the perfect combination of laid back, yet has so much to see and do. We are minutes from the beach, wineries, and hiking trails. Our quaint downtown is filled with shopping, restaurants, museums, art galleries, and even a historic mission. The weather is amazing, and there are always so many fun community events to take part in. It’s such a great place to raise a family, and people are proud to live here. Which lends to the tremendous growth we have seen lately, with so many people from larger cities relocating here for a little bit of a SLO-er pace.


NM : How long have you lived in your city?

CN : I lived here for four years while I was going to college (Cal Poly) and met my now-husband during that time. We relocated after college, and quickly realized we had to get back here someday. We were so fortunate to be able to move back with our two sons a year and a half ago, and are not going anywhere!


NM : What are your favorite places to eat in your city?

CN : We have so many options that it’s hard to choose! A tri-tip sandwich from Firestone Grill is a must. I also love Giuseppe’s, Flour House, Nate’s on Marsh, La Esquina, Ember (in Arroyo Grande), or Kanpai Sushi (in Shell Beach). And there are so many great local coffee shops. I could go on and on!


NM : What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT in your city?

CN : I’m excited to share my love for organizing with so many others, and show how it can truly make a positive impact on their lives. I look forward to creating lasting relationships within the community!


NM : Show us a picture of your most organized space and tell us what it is.

CN : One of the most organized spaces in our home is the kids art cabinet. My kids love to do art, so it was important to have a dedicated area for them, with labeled bins & containers so they could get out what they needed on their own, and put it away mess-free just as easily! It’s kept within their reach, so they can do art projects any time they want. And of course I mixed in some NEAT Method products when creating the space (Canisters & Blank Labels).


NM : What about your least organized space? What the heck happened?

CN : At the bottom of my son’s closet is a stack of all of their most recent schoolwork and artwork that I have yet to go through (and there is plenty more in a storage unit we have!). It’s hard for me to edit when these items are so sentimental, so I always avoid this project. But I will need to get to it sooner rather than later, as my son needs that valuable real estate in his closet.


NM : What can people expect when they hire you to organize their home?

CN : Clients can expect the utmost professionalism during any job. I will provide open communication, will take the time to listen to each client’s unique needs, and create a plan that works for them. I will bring a friendly and lighthearted approach, and will always aim to exceed expectations on any project.


NM : What is your favorite organizing product?

CN : I love our Acacia Drawer Divider. It is so versatile, and works in many different spaces (kitchen, dresser, office, etc.). It can transform a drawer, and can make keeping things organized for long periods of time so much easier.


NM : Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

CN : I can throw together a pretty impressive charcuterie board at a moment’s notice, with whatever we have in the pantry and fridge. We love to entertain in our home, and I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it on the fly!


That sounds like an amazing talent to have! We can't wait to see you in action at our next Summit! Congratulations on launching San Luis Obispo. We’re so excited to have you join NEAT!

The NEAT Team

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