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Thursday, August 1, 2019

It’s that time again! Launch week. This week we are launching new franchise owners and new markets! Let’s dive in to see who our new additions are.

We want to welcome Caitlyn Horton of Santa Cruz. We are thrilled she’s a part of the team. Let’s find out more about what makes her so NEAT.

NM :: Why do you want to run NEAT in your city?

CH :: Santa Cruz is an amazing place to live! There is always something happening, always somewhere to be. I want to make it more wonderful by getting your home functioning so you can spend more time enjoying all the wonderful things this area has to offer.

NM :: What did you do before NEAT?

CH :: Prior to becoming a NEAT gal, I worked at The Container Store for 9 years, and as an assistant Real Estate Agent.

NM :: What makes your city unique

CH :: Santa Cruz is a laid-back beach town that’s just 35 minutes from the heart of the tech world. Depending on which way you look you can see a beautiful green mountain ranch or a big beautiful ocean. We hold our own close, and love supporting our neighbors in their ventures. It’s a small community with a big heart. We have a little bit of everything!

NM :: How long have you lived in your city?

CH :: Formally about 3 years. I was born in Santa Cruz County, and raised just over the hill in Los Gatos. Santa Cruz has always held a special place in my heart.

NM :: What are your favorite places to shop in your city?

CH :: DIG Gardens, Warmth Company, Pacific Trading Co., Bookshop Santa Cruz, Outside In, & Stripe. I love to shop.

NM :: What are your favorite places to eat in your city?

CH :: You want the entire list? Great food is endless here! Lillian’s, Aptos BBQ, Harbor Cafe, Akira Sushi, West End Tap, and I love to meet friends for a game and a pint at Beer THIRTY.

NM :: Show us a picture of your most organized space and tell us what it is.

CH :: This is one of my “pantry” cabinets. Keeping everything organized in these clear bins makes unloading groceries a breeze, and I can see when something needs replacing.

NM :: Show us a picture of your least organized space and tell us what the heck happened.

CH :: This is a judgement free zone, right? Well, I do not have a garage, I don’t have a linen closet, and I don’t have a laundry room. I have this! I have a laundry closet with shelves. These shelves have to hold a variety of household items. On top of it I have roommates (I love you all dearly!)

NM :: What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT in your city?

CH :: Doing what I love in a city that I love!

NM :: What can people expect when they hire you to organize their home?

CH :: I take every space on judgement free. No job is too big or too small. I know that life can sometimes get the best of you, and that’s ok! You’re taking the steps to make your home or business better, that’s what we are here for.

NM :: Do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

CH :: Charcuterie & Cheese Board Assembly. It’s become my party trick. It’s like organizing, but for food 🙂

Congratulations! We’re so excited to have you join NEAT!

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