A New Series :: What Our Clients Really Think?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Many of you (who aren't already our clients) like to ask what our typical clients are like. We usually answer with, "no client is ever the same- they really ALL vary greatly from each other, which is why we take so much pride in getting to know each and every one of them in an effort to really understand their organizing needs". We are pretty mum about who we work with, well besides the time you all thought we worked with Brad and Angelina, but it's come to our attention that many of our clients are more than happy to share their experience with us!

With this being said, we bring you our brand new series titled, "What our clients really think"! Ummmm this could get interesting! Please join us, and some of our amazing clients, as we take you into the world of what it actually means to live the NEAT life. 

First up is one of NEAT DC's favorite clients ::

A working Mom of two – who just so happens to own an adorable company, Lillybee University. When she's not busy working from home and tending to her adorable children, she's busy traveling for work. Recently she was in the midst of a remodel, when she discovered that she could really use some help when it came to getting settled the right way into her newly renovated space! Enter, NEAT Method! 

We decided to ask our DC client a few questions to understand our client's perspective of using NEAT!

NM :: Did you have any hesitatinos about hiring a Professional Organizer? If yes, what were they?

Client :: Yes, and no! I was moving back upstairs from living in the basement during a MAJOR renovation, and I knew I wanted to do better than just finding a place for all the stuff we had shamefully amassed. There was some major cleansing/purging to do, and this was my golden opportunity – purge now or forever embrace the clutter. So I knew I needed an organizer, but once you start to look for them you realize there are a lot of options. I didn't know who nor which type I needed (they all seem to have a specialty) BUT just before I became paralyzed by too much information, I saw an article on NEAT DC & Catherine in DC Modern Luxury and made the leap soon after!


NM :: After working with NEAT, what is your impression now?

Client :: I'm hooked! I couldn't tell you how many times Catherine has been over, but let me just say that I was so inspired by the work she did in the closet, that I got addicted and we took on every room in the house. We even challenged ourselves to the basement where we had been living for a year, and where it looked like people left in an emergency evacuation. Thankfully, we didn't find any bodies, but I did recover a few items I forgot I even owned!

NM :: How do you feel after a NEAT job is completed?

Client :: Clean. Organized. Creative. Everything has it's place. It's so much faster when I go to find things! And what's better…since everything is labeled I can now tell other people where to find things. My husband and kids now have no excuse for saying "I can't find it." It's so empowering! This may be better than the renovation itself!

NM :: What has been your favorite thing about working with NEAT Method?

Client :: Catherine! She's so… fun to work with, good at making me toss things that I never needed and now can't even recall what I tossed because I never needed it, willing to get dirty, understanding, great at making organization work (and not just putting things away), and just GOOD AT THIS!


Our DC Client sure knows how to make a NEAT girl blush! She couldn't have said nicer words!

It's clients like these that definitely make us more than LOVE what we do!


the NEAT girls