New Year NEAT Me 2022

Saturday, January 1, 2022

It's officially 2022 and we're so excited about this year's New Year NEAT Me Calendar Challenge! If you aren't familiar with our annual challenge, we focus on organizing a different area of the house every week, then break it down by category. You can follow along with our stories @neatmethod every day in January, as we share tips and tricks for tackling the calendar. Whether you check every day off your list, or just address the days that apply to you, our hope is that you start 2022 off a little more NEAT. 

Print this image to help guide you toward getting organized in the new year!

What if some categories don't apply to you but you're on a roll? No problem. Take a look through the list below for alternate spaces you can tackle. 

Junk Drawer: Pull it all out and categorize. Set aside trash, broken items and anything that doesn't belong. Be picky; too many categories in a junk drawer will cause it to get cluttered again. Place remaining go-to items in drawer organizers. 

Mail Drop: Go through all your mail and toss any ads, magazines, or bills that have been addressed. File important documents and shred anything with personal information listed. Create a separate drop for three different categories labeled: "Needs Attention", "To File", "To Shred" moving forward. 

Tech: Gather all the extra tech cords and accessories in your home. Categorize by type. Set aside items that no longer apply to devices you use for recycling at your local e-waste drop. Wrap each cord with a twist tie or rubber band to prevent tangling. Contain remaining tech together in one or more bins by category. 

Coat Closet: Pull everything out and categorize by type. Donate or toss items that are worn, no longer fit, or are missing a match. Relocate anything that doesn't belong. Hang all coats with zippers and buttons secured so they don't slip off the hanger. Add risers below for shoes if space is tight. Contain hats, scarves and gloves in labeled bins above. 

Linens: Empty the space where your linens are kept. Categorize by type or set, setting aside items that are stained, torn, or no longer work in your home. Fold together and contain each category in a labeled bin or basket or stack together.


Happy organizing! 


the NEAT team

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