New Year NEAT Me 2023

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Our annual New Year NEAT Me calendar challenge is back and better than ever! This simplified approach to home organization in the new year, includes daily expert tips and inspiration that coincide with our calendar and guide you every step of the way.

Ready to join the challenge? All you have to do is:
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    This year, we'll be focusing on four main areas of the home: Primary Bedroom, Kitchen, Bath & Laundry, and Family. New to this year's challenge is the addition of weekly emails outlining the week's focus, with a 10 min fix for those who are short on time - just for newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber? Join the list HERE

    What if I don't have a...

    Pantry : Even if you don't have a proper pantry, you can still get your dry goods in order by dedicating a few kitchen cupboards to breakfast, baking, snacks, and dinner prep items. 

    Back Stock : Small homes and apartments don't typically have room to store back stock items, but all that means is that you probably have a good grasp of what you already own. If you don't, spend this day going through your home and making a list of anything you're running low on. 

    Toys : Use this day to go through your entertainment center, including DVDs, video games, board games etc. Repair or toss broken game boxes in lieu of zipper bags or plastic shoe boxes, and consider replacing DVD cases with a zippered disc case. 

    Artwork : Focus on memorabilia instead. Dedicate a single bin to each person in your home. Give yourself limits. If it starts to get full, it's time to edit. Artkive is a great way to commemorate items that take up too much space. 

    Pet : If you don't have a pet, use this day to address your drop zone or mud room. Make sure you have a designated area for shoes, jackets and bags, just inside your most common entrance. Set limits for the amount of items each person can keep here. Any extras belong in bedroom closets. 

    Garage : Any outdoor storage area applies, whether it's an attic, shed, patio closet, or storage unit. We organize them all the same way and today's tips will help you get started. 

    Basement : Spend an extra day organizing your outdoor storage or catch up on any categories you missed or haven't finished. 


    We love to see how your spaces are being transformed! Share your progress on Instagram using #newyearNEATme and @neatmethod. 


    the NEAT team

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