One Amazing Product 3 Ways!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

As many of you know at this point, we are kind of obsessed with finding the perfect product! We spend countless hours trying to discover the latest and greatest when it comes to styling our clients' homes with great product. It never fails that every time we post a pic of a fabulous find, our followers want to know just where we found such a gem. Well, it just so happens to be your lucky day to learn about one of our NEATest finds.

One of the fastest ways to make a space look a little more dressed up is to add a simple acyrlic tray. You may notice that we put them in many of our clients spaces for various uses. Not only are the beautiful, but they really do serve a purpose. We are here to show you today our new favorite acyrlic discovery and a few different purposes it serves.  

This medium size tray by JR William is really one of the loveliest ones we've seen. You can see here how it's the perfect addition for your bathroom countertop for all of those products that typically take over. By adding this simple tray, you can now corral all of your products in one spot and never have to search again. 

Who doesn't love the idea of being inspired to have a fun sunglass collection!?! Just think, it will give you the perfect excuse to display them so you can feel just as fancy picking them out as you will rocking them around town. 

And…our personal favorite is the ability to display all of your go to earrings or jewelry. We wanted to save the best for last to also prove that you don't have to break the bank to be organized. This is a perfect example of how one little item for $45 can make you feel just as fancy as having an entire jewelry drawer in your closet. 

We really can't say enough about finding a home for all little things in your life, too! They often times get overlooked and this simple idea just proves why they really don't need to. Thanks to JR William for coming up with such a simple, pretty and sustainable idea! We look forward to implementing into our NEAT world! 


the NEAT girls