A Modern Kitchen and Pantry Makeover in Providence, Rhode Island

Friday, April 19, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Stephanie Pasley

In the coastal town of Narragansett, just south of Providence, Rhode Island, organizer Stephanie Pasley set out to transform a newly built, expansive kitchen into a functional and stylish space. Collaborating with Graceke Design, the NEAT Method Providence team was tasked with organizing a modern kitchen that had been significantly upgraded in size from the client's previous home.

Designing a Functional Modern Kitchen

The primary challenge was the client's transition from a smaller, outdated kitchen to a much larger and modern one. They had plenty of space but were unsure how to best utilize it to suit their needs, especially since they loved to entertain. Stephanie's plan involved strategically using the kitchen's ample space to create distinct zones for different activities to enhance functionality and flow.

Creating Dedicated Zones for Entertaining and Cooking

Stephanie started off by creating separate zones within the kitchen focused on entertaining: a beverage zone and a table setting area set away from the primary cooking zone. This setup allowed guests to prepare drinks and set the table without disrupting meal prep.

Adapting to a Unique Pantry Layout

This kitchen project was slightly unique because the walk-in pantry was located across a large living space, rather than directly adjacent to the kitchen. To keep daily-use items like breakfast foods and snacks within easy reach, Stephanie decided to utilize the abundant cabinet space within the kitchen itself for these essentials. This left the walk-in pantry free to be transformed into a specialized area.

Transforming the Walk-In Pantry into a Baker’s Haven

The walk-in pantry was repurposed as a baking and storage area, ideal for the client who love to bake during the holidays. This area was equipped with open shelving for decanting baking goods and a large counter space to accommodate a bulky KitchenAid mixer, freeing up valuable kitchen counter space. The pantry also housed backstock baking supplies, paper products, and drinks, making it a highly functional space dedicated to less frequently used items.

Client’s Favorite Feature: A Custom Spice Drawer

The highlight for the client was the newly implemented spice drawer in the kitchen. Spices were decanted into uniform jars, labeled and alphabetized, making it incredibly easy for the clients to find exactly what they needed quickly. This small but significant detail made a huge impact on their cooking experience.

Impactful Organizing Products

The use of Acacia Drawer Inserts throughout the kitchen and secondary island was a game-changer. They expanded to fit the large drawers perfectly, helping to organize everything from flatware and servingware to barware. This was crucial in managing the kitchen’s extensive drawer space, making every item easily accessible.

Unique Aspects of the Kitchen Design

One of the most distinctive features of this kitchen was the secondary island designed by the builder and interior designer. Positioned between the kitchen and the dining table, this large island served as a perfect serving station for the dining room, providing additional storage for serving dishes, formal flatware, and barware.

By strategically using the space and implementing tailored organizing solutions, Stephanie Pasley and her team successfully transformed the client’s kitchen and pantry into areas that were not only beautifully organized but also perfectly aligned with the family’s daily needs and entertaining lifestyle.


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