Organizing Projects for Surprising Your Valentine

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Drawing a blank on a Valentine's gift? As far as we're concerned, nothing says I love you better than an organized drawer and the perfect pun. Whether your significant other loves things NEAT and tidy, or wishes they did, transforming a chaotic space is a win for everyone. We've rounded up a list of quick projects that anyone can accomplish in 30 minutes. So, you can stop stressing and focus on surprising your sweetheart. Ready to dive in?

You make me "blush"

For the beauty guru in your life, take some time to clear out their makeup collection. Give the space a nice wipe down or vacuum to get rid of all the powder and pencil shavings left behind. You might also want to give the makeup containers a quick clean as well. Sort everything by type and contain each separate category in acrylic drawer dividers. A countertop solution works really well when drawer space is lacking. 


You're a real "gem"

The easiest way to streamline jewelry is to level up the storage. A few of our favorite ways to store jewelry is in a top dresser drawer or in a sleek looking jewelry box. Stackers makes a super customizable solution that works either way and our lined acacia trays are perfect for go-to pieces. Transfer jewelry into their new home and if you have the extra time, work out any tangles in chains and polish those tarnished pieces. 


I think you're "NEAT"

Your cocktail and whiskey lovers will appreciate this one! Sort spirits by type and arrange on a riser or turntable to give everything a better visual. Or, for a larger assortment, line bottles up on a shelf making sure to keep like with like. Accessories and tools can be gathered together in a sleek bin or basket like our perforated basket in spruce. Add a label for the finishing touch. 


You "tie" my heart in knots

Give your well-dressed sweetheart a quick visual of every tie they own with just a few tips and a new organizer. First things first, sort by color. If displaying them on a closet shelf is an option, we love rolling them into 8-section organizers. For a smaller space, hang them in color order on a pull-out tie rack. They'll love being able to see all their options easily!


the NEAT team


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