Organizing Trends We're Saying Goodbye to in 2023

Thursday, March 30, 2023

We're looking back, to see how far we've come. We've been organizing clients' homes since 2010, so it's safe to say that home design (and organizing) trends have changed since then. While our techniques have stayed the same, we're not too proud to admit that there are baskets and labels we wish we could go back and update - and in many cases have! Discover all the organizing trends we're saying goodbye to in 2023. 


Hang Tag Labels

Hang tags on a basket were an easy solution before sturdier labeling products existed. Not only has the visual become outdated, but because they were typically made of paper, they often got bent and torn over time.

Instead opt for: Durable metal Label Holder Sets. They have a more modern look and can be attached to baskets of almost any material. 


Marker Labels

Using a white marker to label directly on a jar or canister used to be all the rage. However, they were often difficult to read against light colored contents and prone to chipping and scraping away from the glossy surface. 

Instead opt for: Appropriately sized and removable sticker labels and write or print in an easy to read block font. 


Tapered Bins

Plastic and fabric bins used to commonly have a tapered silhouette, and sometimes still do. This isn't a very clean design, visually. Plus, when space is at a minimum, you lose out on that extra storage at the bottom of the container. 

Instead opt for: Straight sided bins and baskets that maximize every last inch and lend to a more elevated visual. 


Plastic "Woven" Bins 

This dated trend mimics the texture and look of a natural woven basket using molded plastic. Unfortunately, it doesn't make the cut in today's design standards which embrace natural materials and neutral tones. 

Instead opt for: Metal or natural woven baskets in tones that compliment your home. 


Velvet Hangers

There was a time when velvet hangers were our go-to closet solution. But, while their slim silhouette was a huge space saver, they often shed tiny fibers everywhere, and frequently broke. 

Instead opt for: Slim rubberized hangers that gently grip fabric and withstand daily use. 


Need help selecting the right products for your home? Discover what organizing services we offer and connect with your local NEAT Method team - or shop our suggestions below and organize yourself. 

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