Our 5 Favorite Products Used 3 Different Ways!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

As many of you know, we had all of our NEAT girls together in Chicago last week. We had a jammed packed few days, but one of our very favorite events took place one morning at The Container Store. They were kind enough to open their doors to us so we could discuss and discover all of the products that we all LOVE to use. 

We of course had to make it a competition, so every girl was paired with a friend and had five minutes to pick out 3 items and teach us 3 different ways to use them. We figured it was only fair to share our favorites, so that you, too, could add these organizing ideas to your NEAT life!

1. The Canvas Bin

– Could be used for scarves
– Act as a makeshift drawer when space doesn't allow for a dresser

– Or our tride and true, storage for casual shoes 

canvas bin, shoe storage, the container store, storage bins, labeled bins

2. The Feathergrain Bin

– Great under a bathroom sink for toiletries
– On top of a baby's changing table to hold all of the diapers, wipes, creams, etc. 
– To hold accessories such as sunglasses or wallets

bathroom storage, feathergrain bins, the container store, toiletries, organizing

3. The 8-Cubby Linen Container

– Our recent favorite for belts
– Always a great way for the man that loves his ties
– Makes for a great space for all of your kids crafts (pens, pencils, markers, scissors, etc.)

tie storage, tie organizing, men's closet, the container store, beautiful closets

4. The Bamboo or Plastic Drawer Organizer

– The obvious use…for silverware
– Makes a great makeup container. Especially the expandable one if you have a wide drawer
– Even the junk drawer needs categories. We prefer the acrylic ones for that space though. 

drawer storage, drawer organizing, kitchen storage, beautiful drawers

5. The Marche Basket

– Kitchen pantry if you want your items to be visible
– Inside your refridgerator (beautiful for the glass front fridges)
– In your front hall closet for scarves, gloves, hats, etc. with labels, of course!

refridgerator storage, rustic bins, kitchen organizing

A special thank you to The Container Store for making our jobs that much more enjoyable! Happy Organizing friends!


the NEAT girls

* all photos courtesy of Neat Method