Our Valentines Day Crushes Revealed

Friday, February 12, 2016

It's hard to believe that another Valentines Day is right around the corner. Usually during this time, we like to share which latest celebrity we are currently crushing on but in an attempt to stay "on task" and organized, (we are NEAT Method afterall!) we are going to share some new products that we would LOVE to have in our current spaces. First, this amazing piece called, Woodstock Wall  is maybe the most beautiful version of a hanging rack we have ever seen! This would be perfect for a temporary space or a room that needs to serve multiple purposes (think closet/office).

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It will come as no surprise that we are always on the hunt for the next beautiful basket that we cannot live without. This month, we have a serious crush on this Jute basket with silver accents that can be found on Adorno.

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Home offices and "Command Centers" can be difficult spaces to make look aesthetically pleasing with all of the supplies that are needed in order to function. Anthropologie has decided to solve our problems with this hanging desk organizer that has a pocket or peg for EVERYTHING!

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Last but certaintly not least, another new favorite product that the NEAT girls are seeing hearts over are these handcrafted containers made in Uganda that one of our favorite sites, The Citizenry happens to carry. We can think of about 100 ways to use these:: Silverware, pencil cup, change holder, and "catch cup" are just a few that come to mind…  

The Citizenry, Cowhorn, tumblers, cups, organizing, organized, home organization, simple home, simple style, products,

Who needs an actual Valentine when you've fallen in love with your space? Or, if you have a Valentine that is looking for a gift for you… don't hesitate to share this post with him/her… they will get the hint!

Lots of Love

the NEAT girls


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