Pinterest Problems SOLVED TODAY

Friday, February 28, 2014

What is your #1 complaint about Pinterest? If you are anything like the NEAT girls, you get so disappointed when you see an image of a beautiful home but you can't seem to find where you can purchase the items in the photo! Pinterest can be so inspiring that it makes you ready to make changes in your home, but when you hit the road block of where to purchase items, it begins to feel like a dead end… 

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Until we got this magical email! A company by the name of Shop Mack wanted to share the news of their launch and we immediately fell in love. Every inspiring photo on their site links directly to an object that can be purchased! Since we are NEAT girls, nothing thrills us more than to cut out a few steps when it comes to home upgrades and Shop Mack does exactly that! 

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What are our favorite items??? We thought you would never Ask! We are dying to get our hands on the Margaret Canisters, the large Geometric Carryall, and the beautiful Arabella Silver Tray just to name a few! 

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Check out all this new comapany has to offer today!


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