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Presidential Organization :: 4 First Class Items that Will Have You Elected for Most Organized

It should come as no surprise that every holiday leaves us thinking about organizing. If you spent your Presidents Day relaxing, we have a few items that will make up for your lack of productivity over the long weekend. Because we like puns and *think* we are SUPER witty, we have connected them all with a bit of a Presidential twist – First up… 


Want to keep certain things private in your home but still organized? We are in love with the fun color choices of this Poppin file cabinet that has a drawer that can be LOCKED. Seriously, if you haven't gone to their site yet, there is truly a color for everyone!

:: AIR FORCE 1 ::

Ready to make travel easier? The NEAT girls cannot go anywhere without the Cordito Cord and Plug Rollup. Whether you are flying on Air Force 1, first class or the last seat in the middle on a plane, this is sure to make your travel life a breeze!


Ready to keep the family informed? Want to address everyone less often about what time sports practice is? Grab a Whitney English Day Designer and keep it in a high traffic area of your home (think kitchen, mudroom, family room) that way everyone can check and see what is on the agenda for the week.


Have you always wanted to step up your dinner game but don't have the room in your home to add more "stuff" to your kitchen? Consider adding these small, easy to store, compostable and reusable (can be washed up to FIVE TIMES!) napkin rolls from Hudson Grace. They will make even a frozen meal seem fancy and take up no room in your home!


Hope you had a wonderful Presidents Day and are now feeling ready to lead the world (in life organization at least!)


the NEAT girls


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