Product Highlight | Acacia Divider

Friday, August 21, 2020


Our acacia drawer divider is a modern take on the traditional drawer divider. It provides structure and (you guessed it), division to your categories. We chose a durable oil-rubbed acacia wood that offers a wide range of tones to fit any style of decor. Most importantly, we offer a new range of lengths to accommodate almost any drawer. 

Features to note | The spring form mechanism and textured padded ends secure the dividers in place for a non-slip, custom-fit look. 

Selecting a size | There are four different sizes to choose from. Two heights; shallow (2.5" H) and deep (5" H), and two lengths; short (11-16" L) and long (16-22" L). Make sure to measure both the height and length of your drawer in order to select the correct size. Take into consideration any drawer pulls, screws or other obstructions that may get in the way of placement, when measuring. 

Implementing | Position your drawer divider with the narrow end toward the back of the drawer. Compress the spring form mechanism and insert in your drawer, where you'd like it to go. Release the spring form mechanism so both ends are secured against the front and back of the drawer and shift into place as necessary. 

Shop our Acacia Drawer Dividers or click here for a product highlight on our Label Holders. 

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