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Thursday, September 24, 2020


We're big fans of labeling, but adding a label to some products is easier said than done. Enter, our one of a kind label holder - designed to be used on almost any bin or basket. It's perfectly sized so it won't overpower a small vessel or disappear on a large one, plus it's sleek enough that it won't steal focus from the design of your space. 

Features to note | Our label holder is powder coated to ensure a long lasting and durable finish. It's available in black, brass, bone and grey to compliment a wide range of decor. Each label holder is outfitted with a powerful magnetic backing, plus an optional back plate and wire prong, and was made to frame our removable labels.

Implementing | Say goodbye to tags and clips that hang from the top of your basket! Our label holder can be centered and attached securely to metal, woven and fabric materials. Read on for our pro tips. 

Metal : Remove wire prong and set aside. Separate removable back panel by twisting in opposite directions. Save both the wire prong and back panel for future use. Position front panel in center of basket and secure with magnets. 

Fabric : Remove wire prong and save for future use. Separate removable back panel by twisting in opposite directions. Position front panel in center of bin and place back panel directly behind, to secure fabric between both panels. 

Woven : Separate removable back panel by twisting in opposite directions and save for future use. Insert the wire prong into the tunnel located on the back side of the front plate. Thread both ends of the wire prong through the weave of your bin or basket and twist behind to secure. 

Shop our Label Holder sets or click here for a product highlight on our Acacia Drawer Dividers. 

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