Quick Sustainable Switches

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Making sustainable choices is better for all of us and for our planet – but it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start. We recently came across several quick and simple sustainable product switches and we wanted to share them with you. Making just a few alterations in your routine can make a big impact. And now since using these new products, it’s become exciting to seek our other alternatives!

Plastic Sandwich Bags > Stasher Bags

One time use plastic bags can add up SO quickly. Even when we have tried to wash and reuse, they never quite feel clean. We found out about these silicone stasher bags and they are one of the closest swaps – still see through and the zip closure feels very similar. Bonus – these can be washed in the dishwasher!

Plastic Wrap > Beeswrap or Silicone Lids

If you’re using plastic wrap to pack sandwiches for lunches – a great alternative is bees wax wrap. This reusable wrap can also be used to seal bowls. If you want a tighter seal on open containers, we found these silicone lids do the trick really well too.

Cotton Rounds > Resuable Cotton Pads

If you’re a fan of skincare (like we are), the amount of cotton rounds you use can add up for toner, eye makeup removal, etc. so we switched to washable cotton rounds and haven’t looked back. These can be tossed in a laundry bag and put in the washer and a big bonus – no cotton wisps in your eyes anymore!

Plastic Cleaning Products > Glass Bottles & Refills

There are SO many amazing all natural cleaning brands, so it’s no longer difficult to find a product that works well and is sustainable. We recently came across the brand Blueland and we think it’s brilliant. Reusable glass spray bottles and the refills are in tablet form! If you’re not ready to switch, there are plenty of brands that offer glass bottles and refilling options instead of purchasing the whole plastic bottle each time.

Those are just a few of the items we’ve come across. What are some sustainable product switches you’ve made? We’d love to add them to our list!

the NEAT girls