The Real Housewives of NEAT!

To all of our loyal fans and followers::

Over the last year we’ve tried our best to entertain you with our projects, tips, tricks and various ORGANIZED obsessions, but we realized we haven’t spent much time introducing you to the girls behind NEAT Method!

Therefore, welcome to our series…The Real Housewives of NEAT! We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our lives.

When deciding who would go first, we discussed flipping a coin or having some sort of contest (such as; number of pushups, how many pieces of gum one could chew, or who has more shoes), but instead we just went with the good old age game! Of course, you would never know that she’s older (wink! wink!).  Meet Ashley Murphy!

The Real Housewives of NEAT – Meet Ashley from NEAT Method on Vimeo.

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  • Jason

    Great to finally meet you Ashley. Love the slippers 😉

  • Laura Purdy

    Ash, it was so good to see you on camera! I miss your voice and your face 🙂 I love the NEAT Method and use all your tips and suggestions!! I’d totally use you in person if you lived in Ohio – scratch that, if I lived in California!

  • Michael

    Great Video. Ashley and Molly do great work and make your life more efficient, but Burts Bee > Cherry Chapstick, 🙂

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