Revitalizing a Dallas Highland-Park Kitchen

Friday, March 29, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Shelley Anbouba

In the Highland-Park neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, Shelley Anbouba and the NEAT Method Dallas - Highland Park team took on an exciting project: reorganizing a kitchen and surrounding areas after a long year-and-a-half renovation. With the task of unpacking and space planning in a newly reimagined home, the client was looking for a fresh start and an optimized kitchen banquet, working kitchen, laundry room, and butler’s pantry for a blend of everyday use and entertainment items.

Planning for New Beginnings

The project kicked-off with an in-depth discussion to understand the client's lifestyle and needs. Shelley was then able to create a flow that supported how the client planned to use the space, from preparing weekly meals for her father to hosting dinner parties and cooking solo dinners.

A Creative Challenge Unveiled

Despite meticulous renovation planning, the new catering/entertaining closet was still a bit of a blank slate, which gave Shelley and her team a fun opportunity to get creative. The space was intended for adaptable use rather than a fixed layout, so a versatile organizing solution was important.

Custom Solutions for Catering Needs

The team's solution included the design of a custom industrial shelving system with casters, ensuring the storage could evolve with any future needs. The durable shelves were perfect for storing heavy catering items while providing flexibility for later use.

Project Highlight: A Seamless Kitchen Flow

The standout feature for the client was the recommendation of floor-to-ceiling storage in the working kitchen. This made appliances and kitchen gadgets easy to access and provided a smooth transition from meal prep to cooking. In the end, it created a seamless kitchen experience that was hard to top. 

Impactful Organizational Tools: Acacia Drawer Dividers

Inside the kitchen's new cabinets, however, Acacia Drawer Dividers and Inserts turned out to be the perfect additions. Because they are adjustable, and non-permanent they created an organizing solution within each drawer that aligned with the client's desire for a functional kitchen that was also flexible.

A Tailored Project

Working closely with the client, Shelley and her team tailored their approach to accommodate both daily routines and new preferences. As a single woman who loves to host, the client now enjoys a kitchen that balances more space with meticulous organization, ready for any occasion.

Through creative thinking and an understanding of the client's goals, Shelley and her team transformed these key home areas into zones of efficiency and style, proving that thoughtful organization is the foundation of a welcoming and functional home.


the NEAT team

Photography: Angie Randall

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