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Thursday, February 6, 2014

In honor of Valentine's Day, we think it is only fitting to introduce you to our current crush – the founder of Shop Sweet Things! Jeanne's blog is all about shopping and the simple luxuries of fashion and home. Talk about a girl after our own hearts! If you aren't already intrigued, here's what makes her so NEAT…

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NM :: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your adorable blog!

JC :: Jeanne Chan, lifestyle blogger and curator at Shop Sweet Things. I'm originally from Hong Kong, but have been living in San Francisco for over 25 years. I have two amazing little girls and love taking them around the city during the weekends. I started this blog because I love to share beautiful products I see everyday and I love to inspire others to live in style. 

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NM :: You are amongst friends – so with that said, what is your most OCD tendency? 

JC :: I don't know if I have any specific OCD problem, but I hate seeing hair on my bathroom floor! I vacuum that space a couple times a day and will go insane if my dust buster is not around. 

NM :: So basically you're a NEAT freak and you've officially won us over! 😉

NM :: Ok, so now that we know we have the NEAT life in common, we need to know… what is your most organized space? 

JC :: Surprisingly, my closet is my most organized space. I try to stick with the same color and same type of hangers, and I have a shoe rack to make space for my shoes!

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NM :: NEAT approved for sure, your closet looks great! Do you have a space that gives you anxiety in your home? 

JC ::  I have the most challenge trying to keep my kids' toys organized. I feel like it lacks a system and I have yet to find better looking storage bins for them! If you can suggest some, let me know!

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NM :: Ohhhh…of course we'd be happy to help! We typically recommend using labeled bins for children's toys. Not only will labels help keep like items together, but they also help to develop early literacy skills.

This is a recent picture from one of our recent kid's spaces (baskets can be found here & pink tags here). We thought it may provide some inspiration or if you have a moment take a peek at our Pinterest board! You will notice we tend to admire organizational products from The Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids for kids rooms.

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Now that you all have as big of a crush on Jeanne as we do, you can continue to stalk follow her here:: Twitter :: Facebook :: Instagram :: Pinterest


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