7 Simple Organizing Projects to Benefit Your Mental Health

Thursday, May 11, 2023

We love sharing images of perfectly organized spaces as inspiration but sometimes those same images can create feelings of expectation and overwhelm. Don't fall victim to the comparison game. Our clients' systems are customized to their individual needs and available space. What works for one household, doesn't work for every household. The most important part of organization is creating a functional system that fits ito your lifestyle. Peter Walsh said it best, "Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.”

Start by pinpointing the area of your home that is the most important to you. Are you a coffee aficionado, home chef, or just really love to snack? Think about what kind of system will help you establish a calming zone to support your favorite thing and positively impact your mental health. Not sure what that looks like? We've rounded up 7 simple projects to get your wheels turning. 


Start your day on a peaceful note with a cup of coffee that comes together in a cinch. Keep everything categorized and within arms reach of your coffee maker using baskets, canisters and a turntable to corral it all. START THIS PROJECT


Piles of shoes and overflowing closet rods be-gone! We know just the approach to get everything in order. Streamlined hangers and bins with a designated purpose will simplify heading out the door every time. START THIS PROJECT


Whip up any recipe quickly when your spice collection is within reach and easy to navigate. Decanting spices is about more than how they look. Cohesive jars will line up in a clean row and a riser will make it easier to scan labels. START THIS PROJECT


You'll actually enjoy opening your linen closet when everything is contained and labeled. Give your linens and any medicine or bathroom back stock a good edit before diving in, then hide the visual clutter with opaque baskets. START THIS PROJECT


Never lose your keys or that really important piece of mail ever again! Organize everything you need for quickly heading out the door. The first step? Relocating any items that don't belong. START THIS PROJECT


When your snacks are organized, hitting the spot is that much easier. They key is categorizing and containing with matching baskets. Once you have that down, label using broad terms so your system will still work even when your snack choices change. START THIS PROJECT


Okay... so this one is less about your favorite space and more about the calm that comes from tucking toys out of sight. A cubby bookshelf is a simple solution for any amount of toys and works perfectly with our favorite rope bins and label holders. START THIS PROJECT


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