Small Space Organization 101

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Living in a small space doesn't mean you're destined to be surrounded by chaos.  Creative organizing solutions and a different mindset can not only change the way you live, but also reduce the stress caused by visual clutter. Here are our best tips for staying organized in small spaces. 

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 1. Utilize Vertical Space

Fixed shelves within cupboards and closets often result in wasted space. Add shelves wherever you can, whether that means a full bookshelf or a shelf riser within a cabinet. This will allow you store more items without stacking and give you easier access to what you need. If you have adjustable shelves in your cabinets, we suggest reaching out to your local carpenter to have additional shelves cut. elfa systems are also a really great option for maximizing the square footage in closets and on the backside of doors. 

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2. File Fold 

File folding clothes, dish towels and blankets not only makes it easy to see what you own, but believe it or not, it actually saves space. Fold those items to the same width and depth of your drawer or basket and line them up in rows. Should the drawer empty as items are dirtied, simply lean them forward until laundry day. Take it a step further by adding drawer dividers between rows to give your items boundaries. 

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3. Implement Slim Hangers

Bulky wooden and tubular hangers take up more room on your closet rod than is necessary. Switch to matching slimline hangers and experience the space saving magic of their slender profile. You'll be surprised how many more hangers you can fit in your closet. 


4. Add Storage

When it comes to small spaces, it typically means you are also dealing with a lack of closets and cupboards. Be smart when shopping for new furniture pieces and select items that double as hidden storage. Look for hollow benches and ottomans, platform beds with drawers, and enclosed console tables and nightstands with more shelves and drawers than typical.  

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5. Edit Frequently

It's easy to accumulate belongings no matter what size your home is, but the clutter is a lot more obvious in a small space. Dedicate one bin or basket in your home to donations. As soon as it fills up, bag it and place it in your car. Another helpful practice is to donate one item for every new item you bring into your home. This way, the editing is gradual and consistent and you never allow clutter to build. 



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