Small Summer Organizing Projects

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Summer is anything but slow. With camp carpooling and vacations in motion, the last thing you want to worry about is hunting down warm weather necessities. Make life a little easier with a list of small projects to streamline summer and embrace play. Whether you have 1 hour, 30 minutes, or just 10 minutes to spare, we've got you covered!


10 Minute Projects

Sun & Bug : When the weather is high, sunscreen and bug spray feel like they're on constant rotation. Gather all your outdoor creams and sprays and toss any that are expired or past their prime. Sub-categorize the rest and place into one or more labeled baskets by category. Locate in a cupboard nearby your most used entrance for easy access all summer. 

Water Bottles : Reusable water bottles are easy to accumulate. Take a minute to set aside any you don't use or are missing parts, for donation. If you prefer to store lids and straws off, separate them with our divided Perforated Basket alongside upright bottles. If storing lids on, consider a stacking solution like this for easy access on a shelf. 

Food Storage : Give your food storage drawer an overhaul for simplified summer picnics and meals on the go. Arranging ziplock bag and food wrap boxes neatly, is easier said than done. Don't be afraid to toss the boxes if you're struggling with them. You can use individual drawer organizers, drawer dividers, or the simple system shown above to keep everything in line. 


30 Minute Projects

Board Games : The easiest way to streamline board games and save space is to get rid of bulky collapsing boxes. We like to place game pieces and instructions in transparent zipper pouches. Some boards will fit in a large zipper pouch, but in the event that they don't, we opt to stack them nearby. Or, if you're feeling really extra, we've also stacked clear storage boxes in lieu of pouches. 

Swimwear : Pool and beach days are in full swing! You can easily organize the swimwear for one person in your home in 30 minutes or less. First, gather all bathing suits and cover-ups together. Then, go through and edit any pieces that are no longer being worn, damaged, or don't fit. Fold each category into labeled bins on a closet shelf or divided within a drawer. 

Mail Drop : Don't stress over files this summer. Create a home for simple categories in a counter or wall organizer near your most used entrance. Our go-to's are "File", "Shred", and "Needs Attention". A recycling bin nearby is also a smart idea so you can immediately say goodbye to unwanted catalogs and junk mail. 


1 Hour Projects

Gardening Supplies : Plan to spend the summer planting and pruning? Get ahead and organize all things gardening now. Categorize everything before setting aside items that are broken or no longer useful, to be tossed or donated. A single shelving unit is a great solution, depending on the amount you have. Line up heavy items like bags of soil and large pots on lower shelves, with hand tools, gloves, and plant food in labeled bins on higher shelves. 

Outdoor Toys : Whether your summer weekends are spent shooting hoops or battling it out with Nerf guns, a quick spruce will have you prepped and ready. Separate everything into categories before deciding what to toss or donate. Last, consider containing each category within lidded bins or large floor organizers. Wall hooks, pegboards and other grid systems like the one shown above can also work well for odd shaped items. 

Travel : If your summer vacation is already on the calendar, this is the perfect time to get your travel bags in check. Dust off roller and duffle bags and ensure nothing needs replaced. Donate anything you aren't using and update information on luggage tags. Line up bags on a storage room shelf or under the stairs, only choosing to nest them when space is limited, so you don't lose sight of what you own. Contain smaller accessories like packing cubes and travel adapters in a labeled bin nearby. 


Only after organizing a space, should you shop for necessary products. Make sure to measure before adding anything to your cart, and finish it all off with labels to keep everyone in your home on track. Not ready to tackle summer projects on your own? Connect with your nearest NEAT team for end to end service that will bring a welcome calm. 



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