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We get it, organizing can be overwhelming. If tackling your entire home at once sounds like too much we suggest taking small steps that will make a big difference over time. Here’s what you “NEAT to Know” to…

Organize your spices in 5 steps!

Step One ::
Pull out all of your spices.
Pull it all out! Make sure you check the pantry and all cabinets for any stragglers!

Step Two ::
Check all expiration dates.

You’d be surprised how many expired spices we find while organizing. We’ve even found items from the ’80s! Toss expired items and only replace ones you use often.

Step Three ::
Decide on location.
We suggest either a cabinet or drawer nearby the cooktop – it’ll depend on your space and what’s most convenient for you.

Step Four ::
Decant spices into matching jars.
This is an optional step, but we love the look and ease of matching spice jars.

Step Five ::
Alphabetize spices.
Putting your spices in alphabetical order is the easiest way to quickly find the item you’re looking for.

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  • Wydechy Samochodowe

    Good organization of kitchen furniture is half the battle. The idea of cargo for spices is simple and very useful. I have and recommend myself. However, I must admit that having the same packets of spices is also impressive – this is something that I decided to implement thanks to your blog entries. Thank you.

  • Neat Method

    You’re welcome! We’re thrilled we inspired your organizing.

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