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Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring is here and this time of year brings new motivation to clean, re-decorate, and our personal favorite, re-organize! Since bathrooms tend to be one of the most neglected spaces in the home, we at NEAT are motivated to get our bathrooms in tip top shape this season. We thought the best way to inspire was to share our favorite photos and personal touches that will help transform your bathroom from "meh" to marvelous!

Ashley is obessesed with this shower's unique style and the simplicity of the bathroom. She thinks that every good bathroom should include a Molton Brown soap and lotion set!

Glass shower, open bathroom, modern bathroom, metal frame

Heather's ideal bathroom includes a gorgeous and feminine chandelier. Nothing like a lil' glam! Accessorize with a fun printed shower caddy, accesory tray, and/or tissue box from Jayes.  

chandelier, bathroom, claw foot tub, beautiful bathroom

Molly appreciates a bathroom with lots of windows to allow natural light. One of her favorite things to have in the shower is this waterproof notepad– so that a good idea never goes down the drain!!! 

open bathroom, white bathroom, modern bathroom,

Although these bathrooms (see below) didn't take home first place, they do deserve an honorable mention!

Happy Friday!!!


the NEAT girls

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waterfall shower, awesome shower, sexy shower, fireplace in shower

sexy shower, penthouse bathroom, cityscape, modern bathroom

Modern Bathroom, Ocean view, Bathroom with a view, round tub

Mountain Bathroom, large bathroom, modern bathroom