Storing Out-Of-Season Clothes

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Fall is right around the corner, so it’s time to switch out the warm summer clothes in favor of those cozier knits, pants & boots! We asked our friends at UOVO Fashion to give us their tips on preserving your off-season wardrobe.

Clean items prior to storing. Even if the garment looks clean, it may have bacteria, perfume, hairspray or body oils that will damage the fabric if left untreated for months. Invest in a clothing steamer to sterilize garments and kills bacteria while also reducing wrinkles. Be cautious as some fabrics, such as silk, should not be steamed.

Fold and shelve summer knits to help them keep their shape. Knits hung under their own weight suffer from the unequal distribution of support by hangers. This can cause distortion and result in a garment that no longer retains its original fit.

Store all your finest summer clothing in zip or snap-closure breathable bags. The ideal storage bag is breathable, has no digestible protein for insect consumption, has a zipper or snap closure, and a transparent window, so that the contents can be seen without opening the bag.

Use the right products – most garments should be folded in acid-free tissue and stored in breathable fabric garment bags. Plastic bags emit gasses that tend to discolor clothes, so they aren’t recommended for long-term storage. Boot trees and toe shapers for footwear and appropriate hangers are also highly recommended.

Never store out of season purses in the bottom of a closet; leather will absorb excess moisture which causes mold and mildew. Always use breathable fabric duster bags to protect them from dust and control moisture damage. Don’t store your patent leather handbag in contact with other items; dye transfer is a problem which often cannot be remedied. Stuff bags with acid-free tissue to maintain the shape and avoid creases. Finally, find a dark, dry, cool area with good air circulation for storing your nice handbags.

Keep bugs out by regularly vacuuming the inside of your closets and luggage. If you notice signs of insects, call an exterminator to set traps. Don’t use traditional mothballs, which can give off toxic vapors: cedar and lavender work are a more natural solution in closets and drawers that stay tightly closed.

Now you can rest easy knowing your out of season clothes will be beautifully preserved and ready to wear next summer! For more tips be sure to check out UOVO Fashion!

The NEAT team

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