How to Tackle Under Sink Organization

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

We love white space and the visual calm it creates, but when space is especially tight - like in a small bathroom - it's important to make use of every square inch. Underneath the sink is typically overlooked, but can be a great source of storage when organized right. Whether you're storing first aid and back stock, or makeup and hairspray - we've organized it all. Read on for all the ways we like to maximize space and organize under the bathroom sink.  

Stack Lidded Bins

Vertical space is where it's at. Measure around your pipe and use bins that stack nicely on either side with a few extra rolls of toilet paper in the middle. Just make sure to label each bin and place less often used categories on the bottom so you're not frequently unstacking. 


Choose Deep Baskets

Don't discount the space in back. Prevent items from getting lost by choosing deep bins or baskets like our 16" small grid. Foam feet on the bottom make it easy to slide in and out and the open top is perfect for tall bottles. 



Implement Modular Drawers

When your vanity lacks drawers and you need daily access to all your under sink categories, opt for modular stacking drawers like the ones pictured. We linked a few other options below so you can find what fits best around the pipes in your space. 



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