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  1. Thu - 09/22/2022

    5 Reasons to Add Navy to Your Home

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  2. Thu - 03/10/2022

    Get Spring Break Ready with our Best Packing Tips

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  3. Thu - 01/27/2022

    Space Lift | Dallas - Lakewood Bathroom

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  4. Wed - 09/9/2020

    New NEAT City | Dallas - Lakewood

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We are Ashley and Marissa, the founders of NEAT Method.

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Lets face it – we obviously love to organize and are a little…or maybe we should say a lot type-A. This perfect storm created The Neat Life. Welcome! We’ve seen it all, heard it all, organized it all, and are always obsessed with seeing a perfectly NEAT space. Even if a clutter free space doesn’t tickle your fancy as much as ours, we guarantee you will be entertained by our antics and drive to make the world a NEAT-er place!

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