The #1 Behavior Organized People Practice Daily

Thursday, June 21, 2018

We are in the business of making beautifully organized and styled spaces to make our client’s homes and lives simpler. By listening to our clients’ needs we are able customize solutions specific for them. But, since we don’t move in once the organization is complete – so we leave it to the homeowner to keep up the system!

We’ve found that our systems stand the test of time, especially when our clients love both the way it looks and the way it works.

Chelsea Thomas – Salt Lake City


Having said that… we find the most organized people we know practice this one behavior daily (actually many times daily).

They clean up after themselves.

We know… you didn’t expect it to be so obvious! 😉

Melanie Walker – Las Vegas


Staying organized requires small shifts in your processes to make your life easier. For instance: it’s much simpler to use one makeup brush and put it back rather than using 20 and having to put all 20 back at once.

Lauren Combs – Michigan


These small adjustments throughout your day – throwing away trash every time you leave your car, putting your clothes directly in the hamper when you change, cleaning up the kitchen while you’re still cooking, will only add a few minutes at a time but they will save you hours and headaches down the line.

Ashley Hatcher – DC


You don’t have to be perfect (because goodness knows our homes aren’t always spotless), but with a little more awareness and intention in your daily life, you can live a more organized and simplified life.


the NEAT girls