The Complete Guide to Getting Organized with Kids

Thursday, April 9, 2020

It probably seems impossible to keep the house clean right now, and we're here to let you know that, it's okay! As we all strive to find balance, give yourself some grace and just focus on tidying when you can. More importantly though, you can involve your kids in helping out around the house. 

As professional organizers, our homes aren't always neat. Shocker, we know! However, our organization systems make it a breeze for any family member to tidy up quickly. We're sharing our fool proof guide to getting (and staying) organized with kids, for a happier household.

1 | Include Them in the Process

First things first; create a system. Include little ones in the process of pulling everything out of the space and sorting into simple categories. Don't get too specific or it could get confusing. Have them help place each category into individual bins or baskets so everything is easy to locate. 

2 | Label Appropriately

This is such an important step! Labels make it so much easier for kids to clean up after themselves and keep your system intact. If your kiddos are too young to read, consider labeling with pictures as well. Seeing both will help them learn the words.

3 | Set a Limit

With any category, there should be a limit to the amount that you're allowed to accumulate. This is especially important for kids toys. Anytime a bin or basket is getting full, it's time to go through and edit out items you're no longer using. If your kids have a hard time letting go, do this while they're sleeping and stow donations in the car to avoid meltdowns. 

4 | Adjust as Necessary

As your kids grow, their needs will change and that applies to your organizing system as well. Take the time to refresh a space every now and then by updating categories and labels to reflect your family's current season. Right now, that may mean creating a bin or caddy for homeschooling materials. 

5 | Keep it NEAT

Kids are never too young to start learning how to pick up after themselves. Turn on some music and make it fun! Time them to see how fast they can put everything away, or challenge their reading skills with labels. Be consistent and lead by example, and watch them start cleaning up on their own. 

Try implementing these tips in your home this week. Who knows, your kids may end up surprising you! 



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