The Definitive Guide to Responsibly Removing Clutter from Your Home

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Getting rid of clutter is arguably just as difficult as deciding what to donate. To avoid piles from collecting, we always offer to take care of our clients' donations for them. If this task has fallen to you, we've got your back. Keep reading to discover our 6 step process and ensure your donations actually get donated.


Before items can be removed from your home, the hard choices have to be made about what to say goodbye to. Discover our best tips for reducing the clutter using Our Complete Guide to Editing


Gather all the items you've chosen to part ways with in one place and sort by category like clothing, household goods, electronics and toys. This will help you determine where each category can be dropped off.



With your categories laid out, refer to The Donation List for our curated resource of donation and recycling centers. Many large donation centers will take whatever you give them, however, it's common for anything deemed unsellable to be tossed. Keep that in mind and be intentional about what you drop off where to avoid waste. 

Now that you know where you're headed, it's time to get everything out of your home. Collect all items into individual bags or boxes, making sure to group by donation location. Mark each container with the location's name using a sticky note and place them in the trunk of your car or garage until drop-off day. 

Pro tip: Place toys in a closed opaque container to avoid tears from little ones in case they stumble upon it. 


Reserve a day dedicated to donation drop-off and clear it on your calendar. Some places will require a reservation so call ahead if necessary. Take it a step further and save each location on Google Maps in order to visualize where you need to go and determine the most efficient route. 


Today's the day! Load up your car (if you haven't already), turn up the radio and head out on the route you've set. Get an early start to avoid traffic and lines and don't forget to take back your reusable bags.

Pro Tip: Once you're done, reward yourself with your favorite iced coffee, milk tea, or fancy smoothie of your choice and enjoy the empty space you've created in your home. 



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