There’s a Monster Under My Bed?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two days ago, the East Coast had a rare earthquake scare and that very same night, this midwest girl’s bed shook in San Francisco. You would think that I would immediately know that I was experiencing my first small earthquake but no.. I thought there was someone under my bed! Seriously, I even got up and checked. As organizers in San Francisco, we are finding that most of the homes that we work in all have a small area designated to earthquake preparedness. And by small, we mean water jugs full of water, dry food, blankets, flashlights, trash cans on wheels, emergency kits, etc., etc. WE have quickly learned that one flashlight next to our bed doesn’t count as prepared for an earthquake. It does work fine to scare the monsters though!

Since we like everything to have a designated place and a lot of the items need in an earthquake are small, we thought we would share some suggestions for ways to store your earthquake essentials.

Earthquake backpack, San Francisco, organization, Emergency Kit, NEAT Method

We suggest putting them in a waterproof backpack so that it can be easily transportable and stored in compact spaces. Trust me, we tried to find a cute pink one to no avail, so green will have to do!

Earthquake pack, San Francisco, organization, Emergency Kit, NEAT Method

Another option would be a storage cart on wheels if you have more items than the amount that would fill a backpack.

First Aid Kit, Earthquake, Organize, NEAT Method,

Or, for those of you who are minimalists, we love this retro first aid kit!

For more information on what you should have in your earthquake kit, visit this site

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