Throwback Thursday :: Ashley RIEGEL Murphy

For those of you who stalk Ashley on a regular basis, it just so happens to be your lucky week! We here at NEAT are sharing two blog posts about this bodacious babe in one week!

With Ash back in touch with her Midwestern roots, what better way to help her settle in to Chicago than by having THROWBACK Thursday?! 

Just to give you a little glimpse into circa late 1980s/early 1990s :: Riegel Beagle LOVED Matt Damon, New Kids on the Block, Umbros, Pink and Purple Hypercolor T-shirts, throwing a football like a boy,  snacking on BBQ Baked Lays, and her Teddy Bear Curly (who she STILL sleeps with).

Who is her first kiss you ask? Mr. Brian Murphy. Not to be confused with her husband, Mike Murphy. And no, they are in no way related.

We know you are all DYING to know how Ashley rocked the 80’s and early 90’s – and let’s just say, these pictures are worth way more than a thousand words!

little girl, cute baby, blonde girl, kid in hat, Ashley Murphy



Ashley Murphy, purple sweater, 80s child, 80s, bowl cut, blond hair, rock wall


ballerina, purple tu tu, dancer, girl dancing,


bikini, swimsuit, wink, summer, lake house, cabin, girl


ballerina, bossy, blonde, ballet, tutu, dancer,

WHAT did we learn by taking a glimpse into her precious past? 

Ash was ADORABLE, clearly loved costumes, knew how to pose for glamour shots (ie hands in jean skirt pockets), but more than anything… HATED ballet.

AND to be honest, not a whole lot has changed!


Molly & Heather

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  • Nancy

    So fun to see!

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