Throwback Thursday: Heather Kathleen Gilligan (soon-to-be Heather Gilligan Byrne)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's no secret that NEAT's brunette beauty is quite the ham but after taking a peek into her past, it turns out she was also the size of one when she was born!  When chatting with Heather about her "Throwback" feature, she fell into fits of laughter as she explained that it would be no surprise to hear that her first words were "fren fries."  Although Heather says her parents should have put a bra on her when she was born, we think she was absolutely ADORABLE and we are sure you will agree!!

When asking Heather about her past, we learned that this cutie got away with murder!  Here are just a few examples:

– In kindergarten she de-pantsed a boy that told her he wasn't wearing any underwear

– She threw her beloved "Baby" out the car window to test her Dad's promise that he would not go get it if she did – Heather proved him wrong!

– Little Heather even dressed her brother up in FULL FEMALE garb, Beauty and the Best nightgown and all!

– This badass even read R.L Stein Goosebumps books (rebel!) 

baby comb over, fat baby, baby rolls, pudgy baby, happy baby, baby girl, Heather Byrne

Need we say more….

power wheels, snow, winter, Indiana, Heather Byrne, Red Jeep, Snow clothes, 90's child, Cold day

Seems thrilled to be in the driver's seat (notice "Baby" on the floor board)!

John Gilligan, Heather Gilligan, Lisa Gilligan, Kerry Gilligan, Heather Byrne, woods, cabin, Walloon Lake, Michigan, Walloon

Yes…that is Heather on the right!

pink bow, blue bow, girls, happy girls, pink dress, blue dress, brunettes

Matching with her sister (where is her brother and why isn't he in his dress??)

Walloon, Walloon Lake, Michigan, Cabin, Lake House, dock, suntanning, summer, family, happy family

Partners in crime at the lake

water skiing, 90's, Walloon Lake, Walloon, Michigan, girls, Boat Coats, Life Vests, Neon Jackets

Lovin' life 


As you can see from these pictures, Heather wasn't all trouble.  She loved playing any sport that the boys would let her join, while wearing her favorite Umbros.  When she wasn't beating the boys at their own games, Heather was crushing on Devon Sawa and J.T.T or eating Peanut Butter N' Chip ice cream from UDF.  Known as "Hez" or "Skipper" by her friends and family, she believed in Santa Claus as long as she could and also spent her weekends watching her favorite Mary Kate and Ashley movies…specifically, Passport to Paris.  

I mean, who wouldn't have wanted to be her friend back in the 90's????

We love you Hez!


Molly & Ashley