Throwback Thursday :: Meet Molly Heffinger Graves

Thursday, June 7, 2012

We hope you are LOVING Throwback Thursdays just as much as we are! This week, we would like to introduce you to Little Miss Molly. Otherwise known as “Dollface” or “Jones Patrol,” circa the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Ask her mother to describe Molly as a baby, and she says “a blonde Shirley Temple.”  

Ask Molly and she says “a blonde Ronald McDonald.”

Molly Heffinger, Molly Graves, curly hair, happy girl

She may seem like a sweet, innocent blonde… and truth be told, she was and still is!

At age 4, she dreamed of being a model. But, as she progressed through school, she loved all her teachers "so much" that she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up instead!

Can we say teacher’s pet?!

Happy baby, Molly Heffinger, Molly Graves, Red Dress

In her free time, Molly loved eating Dunkaroos, playing tennis (once ranked 34th in the Midwest, we might add) and fishing!


Molly Heffinger, Molly Graves, big glasses, bangs, fishing, fish, Wisconsin, Boulder Junction, White San Lake

She always had a fabulous sense of style, from bright orange overalls (???) to this fur number.

Her "first" fur coat!

Fur coat, coat, bowl cut, little girl, happy girl, Molly Graves, Molly Heffinger Graves, Wisconsin, Boulder Junction, White Sand Lake

BUT let’s be honest. You all want at least a little dirt on this bubbly and outgoing angel! So here we have it…all the DIRT we can muster up!

NM :: You seem like such a saint, what is the meanest thing you have ever done? 

MollStar :: I actually convinced my sister to take the lead role in my at-home Easter play. I got her naked, wrapped her in a sheet, and crucified her on a cross made out of sticks… oops!

Family Photo, Pale children, christmas card, winter, family, Betsy Heffinger, Fritz Heffinger, Molly Heffinger, Molly Graves, Black and white cat

NM :: You seem like such a heart breaker! How many boyfriends did you have in grade school / middle school?

MollStar :: Oh Man! Brian, Drew, Spencer, Mike, Jason, Allan, I think that might be it….. 

(And Homecoming Queen?! We bet you were breaking hearts – maybe this guy's perhaps??)

Homecoming, Wheaton Warrenville South, Molly Heffinger, Ross Cheairs,

NM :: Most embarrassing moment?

MollStar :: I'm not saying my worst one out loud – let's just say I was sheltered as a child. Basically all the dumb and embarrassing things I did (and still do), have to do with me living in a bubble and being naïve. I was the girl that fell for "your epidermis is showing!" 

We hate to break it to you Moll, but we think it's showing here: (eeks!)

Rope swing, Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, cabin, White Sand Lake, Molly Heffinger, Molly Graves, water, summer

And there we have it. Proof that MollStar always has been, and always will be, the outgoing and smiley little blonde everyone adores!  Staying true to her roots, not much at all has changed since birth!

We love our little Ronald McDonald angel! Don't go changing!


The NEAT girls

baby, chocolate cake, happy baby, Molly Graves, Molly Heffinger