Time to bring the HEAT!

Friday, May 3, 2013

So as you know, our girl Marissa is now partial to the Miami Heat. By heat we don't mean the basketball team (she's still a Bulls lover), or the amazing weather. We are referring to all the heat that the fabulous people of Miami bring to the scene. One in particular has captured our attention and we thought all of you would love her as much as we do! Not only is she one HOT mama, she also writes one of our favorite fashion blogs out there. Many of you may already know her, but we were able to learn more about what makes her so NEAT. Without further adieu … meet our latest crush, Ginger Harris of Electric Blogarella.

Ginger Harris Electric Blogarella

Ginger has been a writer and blogger for 13+ years. However, she is orignally from Indiana and a true Midwestern girl at heart. Okay now you know why we love her so much … us Midwesterners stick together! But really it is was what we learned next that made us really click with this Midwest-Made-Miamian Fashion Blogger.

Ginger Harris Electric Blogarella

NM :: Besides being a writer and fashionista you also shared that you are a fellow NEAT freak. Tell us a little more about that and where you would say you are the MOST organized.

GH of EB :: If OCD were an Olympic sport, I would have several gold medals. Everything is in its right place in my home, especially when it comes to the closets. Cluttered closets = mental anguish.

Ginger Harris Electric Blogarella

NM :: Haha we couldn't agree more! Your closet looks great. What are your favorite organization products to help you keep your closet NEAT?

GH of EB :: Thanks to clear shoe boxes from the Container Store, velvet thin hangers from Costco and storage bins from Target, I can see and find everything. I have a system, when all the hangers and shoe boxes are full, and I want to bring in new items, something has to go to make space. This keeps the closet in a constant state of edit.

Ginger Harris Electric Blogarella

NM :: You are truly a girl after our own heart! However, we want to know the dirt. Are you this organized in every area of your home or is there a space you neglect due to your busy schedule? 

GH of EB :: Welcome to my garage. I like to pretend it doesn't exist. We don't really need any of this stuff anyway, but pack rat and nostalgia tendencies from the hubby and I mean we can't part with it either. It's like this because it's not a space we are in on a regular basis. Out of sight, out of mind. I secretly long for a big storm to blow it all away.

Ginger Harris Electric Blogarella

NM :: Hey you are not alone. In the Midwest we have these things called basements, but we hear that South Florida doesn't have that luxury and therefore the garage can become quite a clutter zone. Our NEAT Method Florida girls have been working long and hard to bring the NEAT life to even the garages in Miami. Thanks for sharing your deep dark secret, we will be sure to let you know when the next storm is coming so you can 'accidentally' leave the garage door open.

Organized Garage

Since we know you now have a major girl crush on Ginger as well, we want to make sure you are able to catch more of the details on her amazing and glamorous South Florida lifestyle! 

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