Tip Tuesday:: 3 Easy Ways to Prep for Visitors!

It's that time of year, where we all have more visitors whether we want them or not! We thought we would take a moment to help you prepare for their stay. Besides the obvious of making sure all the linens are freshly cleaned, take into consideration these 3 NEAT ideas and your guests will feel like you've really gone out of your way to welcome them into your home.

Tip #1:: Before their arrival, ask if there are any food allergies or favorites that they you should be aware of. Clear out these forbidden foods and stock up on the ones they can enjoy. 

Tip #2:: Make sure the room they are staying in can be temperature controlled. Not everyone enjoys an 80 degree room to sleep in. Give them a fan or make sure they know where the extra blankets are if it can be cold!

Tip #3:: Clear some space in a closet for them to hang their clothes. This includes providing the empty hangers for them as well! It's so nice for them to not have to worry about getting more wrinkles than necessary out of their clothes. 

We hope these tips help you to be the best host for your upcoming visitors! If you don't want them to stay long, we would recommend doing the complete opposite of all of these. 


the NEAT girls

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