Tip Tuesday :: 3 Quick Thanksgiving Recipes That Can't be Missed!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Admit it – the holidays came quicker than you expected and you've barely given a thought to your Thanksgiving meal plans. Even a NEAT girl can get overwhelmed with her To-Do list every now and again (especially during this time of year!) Lucky for you, we've scoured the web and found some DELISH looking recipes that will certainly make it seem like you gave them the time and effort Thanksgiving deserves. 

First up is from the woman of "good things", Martha. It's no secret that everyone's favorite part of thanksgiving is the stuffing. This short recipe will ensure that it makes it on your table this year.

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Making a fennel and orange salad will accomplish a few things for your last minute Thanksgiving:: 

1. You have a healthy side

2. The colors will add to the overall look of the table

3. Nothing you make will be quicker than this!

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Finally … no Thanksgiving is complete without a proper dessert. Although some may be disappointed that you didn't make a traditional pumpkin pie (go buy one at Costco – they are seriously so good) no one will turn away a brownie. This Nutella brownie recipe includes TWO ingredients – TWO! This one is so simple it might have to be a staple item in the NEAT Method pantry from now on.

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We hope these recipes help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving. Where's the turkey you ask? There is no shame in getting one pre cooked from the store. We promise not to tell!


The NEAT girls

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