Tip Tuesday:: 3 Tips to Tackle Black Friday

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Does an organized Black Friday sound like an oxymoron? Well…not when you live the NEAT life!

Black Friday Tip #1::
Download the Black Friday by BradsDeals app to find top deals and even organize your shopping schedule with the planner function.

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Black Friday Tip #2::
This leads us to tip #2 … DO NOT go without a plan. Before heading out know exactly who you are buying for, their size(s), which store is offering the best price and what their hours are. The holiday hustle and large sale signs can easily instigate the retail rush, but stick to the plan and you won't fall victim to emotional shopping. Here are a couple of our favorite printable lists … gift idea planner …and master gift list from Organized Christmas .

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Black Friday Tip #3::
Don't forget to take inventory of your wrapping paper before you leave and pick some up while you're out if necessary. Start wrapping your presents as soon as they are purchased so you can truly cross that person off your list … love that feeling! If you don't already have a gift wrap organizer that is another purchase to add to your list. We think these organizers are pretty NEAT.

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Happy Tip Tuesday!! We hope these tips feel like a little gift to yourself before you enter the madness. 

the NEAT girls